Lion's Vault Module for 5th Edition D&D & Pathfinder RPG

Created by 2CGaming

Lion’s Vault is the third chapter of the Fate of the Forebears Adventure Path, beginning immediately after the close of City of Sands module. The players must now venture out into the desert wastes of the Mirrored Steppes to uncover the secrets of an ancient city in ruins. Characters must withstand an ever-present corruption that feasts on their will, while they race treasure hunters and bandits through trapped-filled ruins to find the corruption’s source, an unspeakable horror protected by an ageless guardian.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Light Update, Some Progress
about 1 month ago – Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 03:25:46 PM

Hello All!

As mentioned previously, updates are going to be relatively brief until we start moving to the delivery, printing, and shipping updates. Unfortunately, the Lion's Vault module is not yet completed.

Our cartographer is working on completion of the battlemaps and world maps. Our token artist has been battling through a series of technical challenges that have slowed her production of tokens until recently. As evidenced by our inability to hit our last deadline, delivery estimates are difficult to predict at this point. When we move into the formatting stage (which we've now been through numerous times), we'll provide an updated digital and PDF delivery schedule.

While the project is not yet finished, the manuscript is complete. This means that once the artwork concludes, we'll be able to put it all together. It's been written, reviewed, copy edited, and is ready for layout and presentation.

As always, feel free to reach out with questions, comments, or concerns. Our apologies for the continued delays!


The 2CGaming Team

Schedule Update - End of Month Release
2 months ago – Sat, Oct 06, 2018 at 11:32:12 PM

Thanks all around for your patience - it's time for an update and a schedule.


We're very excited to be working with a new cartographer on this project - Meditating Munky (as we've mentioned in a previous post). He's been working through the various maps for the city in Act 2 and it's coming along swimmingly:

Corrupted waters will eat away at even the holiest of sites, given time ...
Corrupted waters will eat away at even the holiest of sites, given time ...

We've been working with him on both the maps and the objects for this, and are looking forward to putting these together - both in the book and as digital packs for those of you picking up the Game Assets.


We will have the PDFs and Game Assets to you by the end of October! Our remaining components include copy editing (in progress), token art (in progress), and map art (see above - in progress), and we are on track to get this digitally delivered by the end of the month.

Physical copies usually take a month beyond that to check quality, print, package, and ship, so expect those at the end of November.

We'll be locking down shipping information with the release of the PDF and Game Assets - so if you want to make changes to your shipping addresses, please do so before then (we'll put out another reminder update for this as well).

Our Apologies

Finally, we want to express our thanks for your continued patience with this project - and our apologies on the delayed schedule. Please continue to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns - either through Kickstarter or discord.

While unrelated to the Fate of the Forebears campaign arc, we're going to be shipping softcover booklets of another of our projects - the Giant Runesmith - to all of our print backers alongside the physical copies of Lion's Vault. Thanks again for your patience while we work through the process to bring you the third module in this series.


The 2CGaming Team

Illustrations & Updates - Close, but not there yet
8 months ago – Mon, Apr 09, 2018 at 01:22:27 AM

Hello all. Cutting to the chase here, we're back with updates but no definitive expected deadline for the project. Thank you again for your continued patience as we get this project done, *done, *done*!


Jason has finished up the final illustrations for the module, which include the two here: the Herald of the Ebon flame, and the dragon Geruganan.

Herald of the Ebon Flame
Herald of the Ebon Flame

The Herald draws some inspiration from the Bodak, but couples the desiccating gaze with telekinetic tendrils to grapple and force one's eyes open, staring into the beyond. This thing is pretty nasty, and speaks to the corruption that befell the Nartheneen to bring their race to their knees.

Geruganan, Brown Dragon
Geruganan, Brown Dragon

A recurring antagonist through Lion's Vault, Geruganan appears in Acts 1 and 2, assailing the caravan en route to the Mirrored Steps, where they later meet him in Act 2. The dragon, well-adapted to life in the wastes, has voluntarily subjected itself to the various time-dilation effects in the warping desert, resulting in a juvenile brain inside an ancient and powerful body. An interesting opportunity for both combat and conversation.


We're pleased to announce that, after much writing, brainstorming, and rethinking, the writing for the Lion's Vault is complete! This project ended up rather larger than expected, as much of the Nartheneen background, hierarchy, and sociopolitical structure needed creation in this module to appropriately present the ruins of their city. We're hoping that this manifests in more of the groundwork laid before the next module, but as always, our sincere apologies for the delay.

The completion here brings the most-ambitious portion of the module to a close, the "Megadungeon" of the Mirrored Steps (or the Lost City). We've put in a good deal of time thinking through how to approach this classic challenge and found what we believe to be a solid balance between random encounters, well-defined paths, and sandbox that should allow the game to feel directed, but with plenty of room for choice and randomness.

Other Components

Objects, Tokens, and Maps are in-progress, and are able to be fully-scoped with the finalization of the writing. These are all fairly light portions of the project, so we're hoping to cut through them quickly.

General Notes & Next-Steps

In the interest of transparency, we're pushing hard on this project, but there are a couple of other projects that require our attentions as well that we've been devoting some time to. A number of personal hiccups (moving, family health, and career changes, most notably) during the same time as the the development of this and other projects early on has spread the resources of our "backup plans" thin. While this is a great learning experience to help us avoid these types of issues in the future, it comes at the cost of your patience, and for this, we thank you sincerely and apologize again. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns, or issues, either publicly or privately, and we'll do our level best to address them. We've a strong commitment to continued product quality, and have been taking steps to ensure that, despite the delays, the finished product meets and exceeds the standards of its forebears.

Things personally seem to be settling, and without additional unforeseen events in the last month or so, progress has been made on all fronts and the end is in sight. Expect more in the way of open communication via comments, and an update in early May hopefully with either the PDF releases of the project or an announcement indicating their imminent publication.


Jon Kelly - The 2CGaming Team

We're Late, But Here's The Plan...
11 months ago – Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 12:18:47 AM

Alright, folks - it's been a month of forward-moving progress here, but we're behind and need to push out our deliverable a bit here. This update will be taking the place of the early February update, though expect to hear from us during February with progress updates. Let's get into the details:

The Good

The only issue we're running into with Lion's Vault is writing delays. This means that everything else is progressing as expected - no additional delays on these fronts.

The Music: We've been in contact with the fantastic Pontus Rufelt and he is making some *bang-up* awesome soundtrack components for the combat and ambiance of Lion's Vault. Check out the sample below:

The Story. Oh man, it's awesome. One of the items we underestimated on our delivery of the writing component for this piece was the foundational work that needs to get done during Chapter 3 to foreshadow occurrences in modules 4, 5, and 6. Both of this module's predecessors  have hinted at the Nartheneen race and its impact on the modern races, but the civilization really starts to get fleshed out in Lion's Vault, which means we as the writing & development team need to have it *almost all* fleshed out to make sure we're hitting the right consistency and beats to keep it from feeling segmented.

There are some really brilliant combat encounters & monsters created by Chris Grey & Ryan Servis that are, thematically and mechanically, like nothing you've seen before.

The Bad

As you well know, everything's late. The short of it is that everything that depends on the writing being in a finalized form is late. This means maps, objects, and tokens haven't been able to start yet, though each of these runs 2 - 3 weeks and will be worked on simultaneously by different artists.

To go into a little more detail here, Ryan and Jon have been going over Chris' versioning of Lion's Vault and making fairly heavy revisions to ensure consistency with previous modules, future development, and both the themes and constraints of the module series.

The Ugly

The "Ugly" comes in the scheduling of the project to get us to a point of completion where we can finally get these off to you, our long-suffering backers! Here's the schedule we're working to hit:

  • February 4: Revised Writing 100% Complete
  • February 4: Artists start development of objects, tokens, maps, and remaining illustrations based on completed writing.
  • February 11: Complete technical revisions to module writing are completed.
  • February 18: Objects and Tokens are complete. Module is copy-edited for spelling, grammar, structure, word choice, clarity, etc.
  • February 25: Maps are complete. Formatting pass 1 is complete.
  • February 28: PDFs are delivered to backers. Print requests are sent to the printer.
  • March 14: Print copies start arriving at your homes.

Thanks again for your continues patience here, and our sincere apologies for the delays on this project. We're going to be taking some time off between the completion of Module #3 and Module #4 to review the pitfalls we encountered during the process here and make sure that all the proverbial ducks are in a row before we start up Module #4.

As always, please reach out with questions, comments, or concerns. We're happy to hear from you.


Jon Kelly - The 2CGaming Team

Finishing Lion's Vault: Project Delays, Content Updates, and Finishing the Adventure Path
about 1 year ago – Sat, Dec 09, 2017 at 01:03:09 AM

Good news first!

Our head writer, Chris Grey ,has finished his written draft of the entire Lion's Vault story arc! Our next steps in this project will involve going over the draft with a fine toothed comb to ensure our design goals and attention to detail are satisfactory. According to our design philosophy, this will ensure the adventure has the following properties:

  • A compelling and level appropriate story for 7th-9th level characters, with significant stakes and plot elements that cannot be resolved with a single spell cast.
  • Challenging encounters with 2CGaming's system for scaling difficulty. This includes unique and powerful monsters and traps never before seen in other 5th Edition and Pathfinder products, such as the mighty Desert Naga!
Someone is having a difficult day.
Someone is having a difficult day.
  • Treasures and rewards for dedicated players who explore every nook and cranny. Of particular interest is our focus on exploring the history of the powerful Narthaneen. This information will intrigue loremasters and provide insight into powerful enemies. 

As the adventure path starts getting into high level territory, some pitfalls make themselves apparent that we have to watch out for. A big part of this review process of the story/encounters is to prevent players with high level abilities from solving what are supposed to be significant problems too easily. This means we have to think very carefully about what kind of magic items we make available, the structure of the environments we create, and the nature of the obstacles players face. As much as we love spells like banishment or the ability to teleport vast distances, it does have a tendency to make certain things a bit too easy. Expect this adventure to limit the effectiveness of some of these features, but not make them completely impotent.

The Bad News: 1 Month Project Delay

There is no easy to way to say it and we are sorry that we must. In order to maintain our quality standards, we are going to delay the project by 1 month. This means that instead of by the end of December, the delivery date for Lion's Vault will be the end of January. We apologize to those we have disappointed, but we feel very strongly that we could not deliver on our promised quality standards to you if we kept our December deadline. The delays are due to unforeseen scheduling and availability complications in our production lineup, but we are confident in our ability to properly adjust the development schedule and deliver on everything you backers deserve.

If you have questions or concerns about the delay, please feel free to message us via Kickstarter. You can also chat us directly via our Discord chat (Link Here).

Plans for 2018: Finishing Fate of the Forebears

Moving into 2018, we have some exciting news to share with you! Provided we are able to keep with our adjusted schedule, we plan on Kickstarting and delivering the ENTIRE remainder of the Fate of the Forebears Adventure Path (which will include parts 4, 5, and 6) for a climatic ending to the epic adventure. As we move to the second half of this project, 2CGaming is focusing on creating an awesome set of campaigns that will reward our longtime fans of the series and delight new comers!

You can get the news about these upcoming 2CGaming projects:

Via our Twitter: Link Here

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Or if you sign up for our monthly newsletter: Link Here

Thank you again for your patience, and we are looking forward to having this project be a great start to your 2018 RPG experience!

- The 2CGaming Team